About the project

Languages Opening Gates to Society (LOGS)

(October 2017-October 2019)

Erasmus+ strategiska partnerskap




In a rapidly changing world we face new challenges and we have to find new solutions and “think outside the box”. Fresh new research and action research are needed to evaluate, improve and innovate the field of education.

This project aims to make action research about methods of learning a new language. Cross-cultural cooperation and sharing of expertise can bring new dimensions and perspectives and help create better methods.

The outcomes of the project are yet to be discovered. We put great emphasis on valuation and rectifying our believes, we are not only sharing expertise but are open to new information the project may give us,and open to the new ideas that may arise during and after the project.




  • to improve the teaching methods of foreign languages,
  •  to tailor the teaching to the needs of individuals.
  •  to develop the teachers competences and skills,
  • to share good practices in order to improve the teaching methods.


The methods we plan to use are designed to be motivational and effective, so that we improve the inner motivation of the students and get better outcomes:

The methods we have chosen are the following:

  • Using the culture and tradition of the foreign language as a teaching method,
  • Using digital learning methods to teach foreign languages,
  •  Role-playing and other creative teaching methods.


The partnership

the partners in the project are :

  1. The Finnish Folk High School , Gothenberg, Sweden (corrdinator)
  2. CFA Catolonia, L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Spain (partner)
  3. Jazyková škola Poprad, Czeck republic (partner)
  4. Tartu Folk High School , Tartu , Estonia (partner)