THE transnational project meeting in CSV Belluno, Italy

This meeting was moved to third place instead of fourth in the application. The meeting’s purpose was to discuss the project progress and the remaining tasks for each partner, to prepare for the final meeting in Sweden, and to hold a video editing workshop for the partners. The meeting started with a tour of the Italian partner Comitato d’Intesa followed by a discussion about the progress of the project at each partner, the project handout calendars, and the partner’s projects videos. The partner decided on the time for the final transnational meeting in SwedenFebruary 2023 and discussed project dissemination through social media. During the second day in Feltre, the Italian partner held a workshop about video editing with Canva: the international volunteers of Comitato d’Intesa presented some of their videos, edited with Canva. Then the participants were divided into three groups, one volunteer per group explaining how Canva works. The groups learned how to use Canva, and they edited a video. At the end of the workshop, each group showed the videos to the others. The partners visited Feltre: A visit to the old town and the local market, then a meeting at the school “Liceo Dal Piaz.” They communicated with the school language teachers and exchanged teaching experiences and another innovative teaching method. The outcomes of the meeting were that the meeting participant planned the implementation of the remaining project activities. Decided to share the videos produced by each partner about the projects instead of the video contest stated in the application, learned video editing techniques using Canva and decided on the layout, and sent photos to the polish partner and to share responsibility for uploading and sharing the project media in Facebook and the projects home page.

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