Our organizations’ cultural and creative activities enhance our adult students and participants’ innovation and creativity. These activities help the well-being and self-esteem of our adult students with a disability or limited skills from disadvantaged groups like migrants. The Covid 19 pandemic affected these activities drastically.

The project, through collaborative efforts, engages our teachers and students. in a series of cultural activities that will help our organization maintain the culture’s positive effects despite the pandemic


The partnership aimed to:
• Stimulate European awareness among our adult students
• Enhance skills development and competencies that reinforce creativity and boost quality, innovation
• Enhance the students’ digital skills and competence in using online teaching tools and social networks
• Enhance the students’ communicative skills at the European and international levels


The partnership

•Brought cultural activities to the forefront of our organizations

•Enhanced the partner organizations’ capacities for distance learning.

•Helped our organization cope with the negative effects of the pandemic

•Our teachers and instructors learned to use new creative and digital tools to enhance their teaching

•Helped our adult students with disability and limited educational backgrounds develop innovative skills and expand their cultural awareness and communicative skills

• Contributed to the recovery resilience of the cultural and creative sector

participants using mobile phonesall the following competitions will acknowledge the EU and international personal integrity and privacy laws and rulesto enhance the capacity and share knowledge and good practice the project partners will attend 4 transnational meetings held at each of the partner organisation. each partner hosting the meeting will arrange a half-day workshop on a topic related to the project’s activities as follows:1.Digital tools for learning contests in Sweden2.Digital Photography to enhance learning and self-esteem in Poland3.Roleplaying and dramatization as a learning tool4.workshop on elementary video- making for Students with low digital skills using Biteable