The transnational project meeting in Gothenburg, Sweden February 2023

Our fourth transnational meeting was held in Gothenburg, Sweden 2-3 February 2023. The transnational meeting started with a visit to the Multicultural folk high school department in Angered. The participants. They joined the adult students’ preparations for the school’s cultural and thematic week. This preparation included a presentation of various aspects of the student’s cultural heritage, like food, dance, and clothes, and a photo workshop for the teachers and students by the Polish partners. Then the partners discussed the remaining activities, the project’s results and impact, the activities evaluation, and local dissemination plans. In the afternoon, the participants participated in a workshop organized by the school in cooperation with other regional culture associations. Magnus Rosen, a local musician, talked about his life and music career. The day ended with a guided tour of Gothenburg. In the meetings a second day. The participants of the transnational meeting visited the folk high school department in Bergsjönand attended a photo exhibition for photos taken by the school’s students during the project. The partners discussed the project’s final report, economy, and future cooperation. The participants joined the activities and festivities during the thematic cultural study week, the first week of February 2023.

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