The transnational project meeting at RAIDO, Poland

Our second transnational meeting was held in Warsaw/Poland.
We had the opportunity to participate in workshops conducted by the trainers/volunteers from RAiDO Foundation, International Support Center for Youth and Adults. It was an occasion to present an innovative support method ® Feeling of Beauty. RAiDO Foundation is the owner and author of this Method. The FEELING OF BEAUTY method is a sequence of workshop activities that provide/expand the participants’ knowledge about themselves and are designed to extract, build, strengthen, and then solidify the process of building proper self-esteem and feeling of beauty.
The theory of the formation of self-esteem, the feeling of beauty and cultural factors impacting this process, the jewelry workshops, knowledge of colors and body types and how to emphasize individual beauty, workshops on classical and artistic make-up, basic body painting — all have the purpose of gradually preparing the participants to CHANGE the way they think about themselves. Photo sessions at the end of each workshop are for the purpose of solidification, recording, and the opportunity to popularise/visualize the results through the publication of the photos at photo exhibitions and in calendars or albums. The photos are accompanied by individual descriptions of the person photographed: what does “beauty” mean for them, how do they understand it, and when do they feel beautiful? The FEELING OF BEAUTY method emphasizes emotions, things that we feel. A real image of a person is important as their naturalness and uniqueness. We do not retouch, correct, or improve photos. 9 staff members from partner organizations in Sweden, Italy, and Cyprus participated in the Feeling of Beauty workshop.

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