A short presentation of the School in English


The Finnish Folk High School is a part of the Swedish folkbildning system together with 154 other Folk High Schools in Sweden and was established by the Finnish Folk High School Foundation in the beginning of 1990. The staff and students in the school today belong to a multitude of ethnic and linguistic groups.

Our Courses


The Folk High School has 4 general courses on elementary level  ( level 2 according to the Swedish qualification system SeQF )and two upper secondary level  (SeQF level 4 🙂 a preparatory course    that gives eligibility for Higher Education and Higher Vocational Education and another vocational training course for support  assistant . The basic Studying subjects in the general courses are: Swedish, English, Mathematics and civics in addition to other subject relevant to the studying levels.

The school has a  two year higher vocation training course for Treatment pedagogue with psychiatric and ethnocultural profile since 2002

Since 2010 The school has even SFI- courses in three different districts in Gothenburg intended for foreigners living in Sweden who lack Swedish language skills. The Multicultural Folk High school offers courses of three different study paths: 1 (levels A and B  (level A1 according to the  Common European Framework of Reference for Languages), 2 (levels B and C (A2), 3 (levels C and D (level B1) and since 2014 an establishment course for new migrants and  a Swedish from day one course  for asylum seekers

The school has even short afternoon courses in the fine arts. The Multicultural Victoria nursery school that is run by the school provides since 2010 childcare services for some of our students who are mostly young mothers with two or more children.



The school is engaged in a number of educational projects at the local, regional European and International levels

Information about these projects is provided in the following links

Ready Study Go around Europe  a  strategic partner ship within the Leonardo di Vinci life long learnings program program   2014-2016

Work for adults 2.0 a strategic partnership within Erasmus + program 2015-2017

RESHAPE the Future training and education for refugees and migrants  a strategic partnership within Erasmus + program 2015-2017

Languges opening gates to society (LOGS) a strategic partnership within Erasmus + program 2017-2019

Ypu can find more information about the school on our Website