The magical coconut, the winning fairy tale from Sweden Click on the link to see the fairy tale text, and below is the dramatization video performed by the English class5 and 6 at the multicultural Finnish Folk high school.

The Logo design and fairy-tale writing  competition

Students from all our four organizations have been busy writing Fairy tales and designing logotypes for the competition during the past months. Each organization chose 3 fairytales and one logo-type candidate for the final competition. You can view our student work here.

Fairy tales writing week in the multicultural Finnish Folk High School

During the last week of September 2021, all the students in the different folk high school courses and the Swedish for immigrant department participated in a fairy tale writing contest. The aim was to choose 3fairy tales for the online contest in December 2021. The week started with lessons about how to write simple tales,… Continue reading Fairy tales writing week in the multicultural Finnish Folk High School

The projects kickoff online meeting

Due to travel restrictions under the Covid 19 pandemic. The kickoff meeting was held online using Microsoft teams on the 15th of April 2021. Representatives from all four partner organizations attended. The conference started with presentations from each partner organization. The meeting reviewed and discussed the project’s aims, activities, tasks, administration routines, legal and contractual… Continue reading The projects kickoff online meeting