Successful Story Nr.2, using digital tools to support language learning ,Sweden

In The Multicultural Finnish Folk High School, Language learning is of  crucial moment importance specially to  our Adult students at the on secondary and upper secondary  level. Adult learners who join school´s special and general courses are coming mostly  from non -Swedish speaking countries and that’s why Swedish and sometimes English languages is their key to both education and future work. LOGS reflects the objectives of language learning and teaching at our school. One of the goals is to increase ICT awareness among participants along with language learning. 

During the  project our teachers got  a lot of inspiring examples of using ICT in language teaching through knowledge exchange  with our partners during the project’s transnational meetings. Some of the methods were new, others were known to us but needed to be developed.

 Under the meeting  in Tartu we decided to use and develop  methods to use the interactive platform Mentimeter in order to increase the interactivity with the learners through smartphones during  the language learning lessons  while enhancing the students´ ICT skills at the same time. 

 The method became really popular among learners because of its easiness, anonymity and instant interactivity.  here are some examples of the feedback received

“The using of “Menti” during our language lessons makes me to relax because everybody can see the answers or comments, but nobody can judge them. This provides a fair discussion. Very democratic!  participant R.  

“In “Menti” presentations I can see that other students dare to write what they think and it helps me not to think about “language related things” but to concentrate on what I want to say”

participant K.  

It is important that the language teachers utilize  ICT tools such as Mentimeter. ICT communication , ,nowadays, takes an important place among other kinds of communication and that’s why it is significant to follow the development.  

“The simplicity and the explicit result of communication are significant in using of ICT-methods in language teaching. All this you can find in Mentimeter as a tool in language learning” claims a teacher of Swedish and English. 

ICT-tools provides the teachers at our school with so many options and the project inspired us to try many of them